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Welcome to JIM Enterprises Inc.

Since 2006, JIM Enterprises, Inc. has provided intervention services to students and parents throughout California. Because of consistent academic success as well as proven expertise in providing high quality, professionally managed services; school districts, County Offices of Education and private agencies continue to contract instructional services in English Language Development, English Language Arts and Mathematics for thousands of students and parents.

DeeAnn Moore Antonini is the founder and CEO of JIM Enterprises Inc. As a life long educator, DeeAnn has been dedicated to delivering educational support to students and parents in need. Her experience of working with California school districts has provided an opportunity to gain an understanding of the balance between the delivery of quality instruction and the business of education. To date, JIM Enterprises Inc. has employed more than 1500 educational staff and has provided quality instruction to over 23,000 participants.

DeeAnn Antonini

Our Mission

To partner with local education agencies to provide high quality, expanded learning opportunities to support students, educators and parents.

Executive Team

DeeAnn Antonini Headshot

DeeAnn Moore Antonini

Chief Executive Officer

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Stacey Foster

Chief of Operations

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Jacquelyn Sensibaugh

Director of Curriculum
and Instruction

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Elizabeth Herrera

Operations Manager

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Camilo Cardona

Jump Into English for Parents
Account Representative

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Elyse Muscha

Director of Programs

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